Shining the Spotlight on 818 Market

Each month, I’ll be showcasing local businesses in our community in order to shine a spotlight on the great things happening in Catonsville. This week I’m joined by Pat Baldwin, one of the owners of 818 Market, who shared with us the exciting things planned for this upcoming gourmet grocery.

Pat is opening 818 Market with Dan Zakai, the owner of a nearby veterinary clinic, after the two found the area to be somewhat lacking in food options. While there are plenty of great restaurants, there are few choices when it comes to groceries.

“It all coalesces as a business that seeks to set itself apart from the rest.”

With its name inspired by the road it’s located on, 818 Market seeks to fill a gap that no other place can. While the original concept was based entirely on being a grocery, the owners have decided to expand to the next level and include a tavern, restaurant, butcher counter, grab-and-go meals, and much more. Pat and Dan have partnered with local chef Matt Milani to introduce a standout menu and raise food service levels to new peaks in Catonsville.

818 Market is planned to open by the end of 2019. There’s still a lot left to be done, but in the meantime, you can find their pop-up shops throughout the area as well as other special offerings. It all coalesces as a business that seeks to set itself apart from the rest.

Check out their progress and learn more at As always, if you’d like to talk about any and all of your real estate needs, reach out to me. I look forward to helping you.