Real Estate Agent Checklist – Selling Your Home in Catonsville MD

Finding a Catonsville Realtor you trust to guide you through the home selling process is key. We are ready to help you find the best real estate agent in your area!

Let’s go through a quick checklist to teach you how to find the perfect professional real estate agent to seamlessly walk you through the home selling process.

Ask Around, find some Reviews and Referrals

We know there are tons of agents out there. So how do we know which one is best? Start by asking your friends and family, see if they can recommend someone in the area they have previously worked with. Check the agents reviews online, see how other home sellers found working with the agent, and was it a great experience for them.

Catonsville Realtor - Selling your home

Make sure your agent is confident and familiar with your area. Being familiar with the area is key to knowing the market, as well as potentially knowing prospective buyers or other agents with clients in the market for a new home.

How are their communication Skills?

Now that you have found a few prospective agents, reach out to them and see how quickly they respond. Were they quick to get back to you? Are they hungry to make your home sale a priority?

If the agent does not get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, it might be time to keep looking for someone who values your time. Keep looking, do not get hung-up on waiting around for an agent. Keep in mind, they work for you.

Are they experienced?

How long have you been a realtor? 

You typically want an agent with at least a couple of years under their belt. This way you are sure to find someone who has been through the complete process a few times and is less likely to lead you in the wrong direction.

How many houses have you sold last year?

If an agent hasn’t sold many homes in the last year, you may want to inquire why. However, you are taking their word for it mostly, so try and ask for a few examples, as well as the price ranges of homes that they have sold.

What is your average list price?

You want a realtor who is comfortable selling your home within your list price. For example, you would not expect an agent to list a multimillion-dollar home, but also know the ins and outs of a small one bedroom for 80k. These would be quite different markets and strategies.

What percentage of your listings do you sell?

Is the agent holding onto a property for too long? Find out why? Maybe the seller is not willing to compromise on the list price, but also maybe this is a marketing problem for the agent.

Are they a Marketing Ninja?

Selling a house fast is a priority for the home seller, but also for the agent. Let’s face it, the agent is there to make money and the more properties they sell, the more money they make. Ask a few questions to see if the agent is up for the task!

What is your marketing plan for selling my home? The agent should have a network through their realty company to reach a wide range of different online platforms. These platforms will create nationwide traffic for your home. Do they have an email list on hand of potential buyers? An email list is something most agents keep on hand to directly target the right buyers for specific areas.

Do you use any social media platforms?

Social media platforms can be hit or miss really as people tend to not engage in homebuying as often, but more so use this as a way to find services or places. However, it can’t hurt to spread the word further by using platforms like facebook and Instagram.

What about mailers?

Does your agent do a postal mailer? Fliers potentially? Traditional mailing may be used, but with the home market in Howard County MD moving as quickly as it is, we find it best to focus more on email lists and our home buying website.

What is their monthly ad spend?

Does the agent spend money to get your home in front of potential buyers with google ads or facebook ads? Find out, see if they are going that extra mile to get your property in front of the right people.

You get what you pay for

Don’t be fooled by a lower priced agent. When finding a realtor, you get what you pay for just like in any other for hire industry. A realtor is there to work for you and with the additional spend a realtor may require, much of that money goes towards marketing strategies and plans.

Look at it this way, if your agent can’t negotiate their own rates and expect more, how can you expect them to step up to the plate for you and battle it out on the housing market.

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