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Owning the house you live in is the best path to building generational wealth and I am so glad to be a part of that journey for so many. A lot of my clients are first time buyers, and I love being part of their journey into homeownership. I am patient, knowledgeable and focused on your goals and protecting your interests. Real Estate is my second career after being a scientist and being part of making medicines. I will always be a scientist at heart and wish working in science wasn’t so tumultuous. I started my career in the Pharmaceutical Industry working for Pfizer making proteins for research. During my 20 years I proudly made proteins for about 140 different projects, including CNS, Inflammation and Antibacterial Targets to various vaccines and even nerve gas treatments. What about me might you want to know? I grew up in the Netherlands and Canada, being part of an industrious farming family. I have seven brothers and sisters who are all successful farmers! That love for plants and soil runs through my veins too, and I became a Master Gardener. I love cycling and recommend the bicycle path from BWI to Annapolis for those starting out.

I have always been involved or active in something or other, and enjoy volunteering, whether with the HOA, church board and volunteer committees, or at the township and county level.
As part of a Realtor, I have become a very active member of our local Howard County Association of Realtors (HCAR), starting out by joining the Education Committee. Since then, I have chaired the Education Committee, the Fair Housing Committee, the Young Professionals Committee, the Finance Committee and the Realtor Political Action Committee. I have been on the HCAR board since 2018 as a director, have held the roles of Secretary and Treasurer and currently serve as President-Elect. I am proud of how HCAR is always working hard to make our local Realtors the best version of themselves and giving them the tools to be excellent Realtors.

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