Maryland Wood Countertops

I’m here today with Paul Timmins, who owns the companies Maryland Wood Countertops and OE Custom. We’ve known each other for about 15 years through the real estate business—he was actually one of my go-to contractors. Today he’ll be giving us a look at his journey from craftsman to successful business owner.

Paul started out building custom homes and remodeling for custom projects, but he realized most clients enjoyed the custom projects more than the full packages. That’s when he decided to scale back his business so it was just a solid-wood shop, where they focus on countertops, tables, and other solid-wood products.

Their main focus is on salvaging Maryland trees from people’s yards and turning them into unique, heirloom-grade pieces. We actually held our interview in front of a walnut table that was made from a local fallen tree. The 150-year-old tree could make 10 to 12 countertops alone.

“When trees fall, people call Paul to have him take a look and see if anything can be salvaged.”

Going to Lowe’s or Home Depot will only get you industry-grade wood. Paul’s company, however, mills, salvages, and dries wood in-house. They then find the artistic qualities within each piece of wood in order to create one-of-a-kind products.

When trees fall, people contact Paul to have him take a look and see if anything can be salvaged. They’re usually interested in having their trees transformed into furniture for themselves. Not all trees are valuable, but most are worthy of more than becoming mulch and firewood.

I’d like to thank Paul for giving us a wonderful look at his solid-wood businesses. Visit the Maryland Wood Countertops website at or visit the OE Custom website at

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