5 Tips for Summer Curb Appeal

Summer is the perfect time to evaluate your home’s curb appeal. Whether you are getting inspiration from your neighbors and their perfectly manicured outdoor spaces or looking to simply freshen things up, below are five tips for maximizing your home’s first impression.

1. Take Inventory

Coming and going from our homes can become so routine that we often aren’t looking closely at our lawn, landscaping beds, or porch areas. Start by walking to the edge of your home’s property. Look at the big picture of your home. Does the home itself need any repairs or features updated? How is the view of your shrubs? What is the state of your yard? Consider doing this again at night to assess your home’s exterior lighting situation. Taking a big look as if you are a prospective buyer might give you a different perspective on where your home might improve.

2. Start Small

Depending on the scope of what kinds of improvements your home may need this summer, there may be several projects to undertake. Consider starting with something small and manageable to get momentum and feel a quick win! Start by sweeping your porches or weeding your flower beds. From there, you will be inspired to keep going with the larger, more expensive, or more time consuming projects.

3. Timing Is Everything

While summer is a great time to assess your home’s curb appeal, it may not be ideal for tackling every project. Think of the four seasons and realize that while summer is the time your hard work may come to fruition, it isn’t the time to start certain tasks. Most experts agree that the fall months are the perfect time to seed your yard or plant shrubs with the highest rate of success. The spring is when weeding or greening treatments should be considered.

4. Don’t Forget the Details

When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, it can be easy to think mostly in terms of large projects like the lawn, tree care, or shrubs. However, the small details matter too. Is your sidewalk in need of pressure washing? Could your mailbox use some fresh house numbers? Would some pops of color with seasonal flowers add pizazz? A small garden flag or porch mat signals to visitors, or especially if you are preparing to list your home for sale, that the care of the outdoor spaces of your home are signs that the inside has been well cared for too.

5. For Big Jobs, Rely on Professional Help

Some projects may require time or expertise you do not have and in this case, it is vital to realize your limits and bring in the professionals. From regular lawn maintenance, exterior pressure washing, and dead tree removal, down to having a landscape designer help you plan your overall space, is worth its weight in gold and will be a huge return on investment. Similarly, when it comes to selling your home or buying your next home, the professional expertise of a real estate agent is key.